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Zippers, Pins and Velcro

2012 July 17

In my list of the necessary evils of sewing, pins, zippers and sewing on Velcro are near the top.  Pins are forever breaking needles (Does anyone actually remove them as you get to them?)! Zippers are never straight, and pinning one on is not the easiest thing you ever tried to do. Tiny hooked Velcro pieces shift when you lower the presser foot, and don’t like to stay put as you sew them on.

Fortunately I found this tutorial a few years ago and it has gone a long way towards helping me change my mind. I think I was trying to find out how best to install a zipper and stumbled upon a staple that I use almost every time I sew. A glue stick.  Nothing fancy – just any old glue stick – even the cheapy ones from the dollar store work fine.  The purple school glue kind are great because you can see what you are doing.  Stick some on the side of your zipper, press on the fabric and voila – “Look Ma! No pins!”  You can sew straight through it, I haven’t had any trouble with sticking or having any residue on my needle. This stuff is so strong it’s hard to separate the fabric when I have accidentally put something together the wrong way.

1) Add glue to the fabric or zipper and stick them together.

2) Sew them together – no pins!

3) All done – hooray!

Velcro is the same – just add some glue to the back of your velcro and press it on. It will stay put while you sew it on too. Thanks to Michelle for posting the zipper tutorial in the first place. Now, go find a glue stick and never be afraid of a zipper again!

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