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Ups, Downs and Quilting. {+ giveaway winner}

2015 January 26

The title says it all… literally! I’ve made and photographed a dress with a gorgeous chevron pattern through the skirt (re: the ups and downs) – but more about that on Friday!

On a less literal note, last week was CRAZY on the sewing front. Everything I tried to make went haywire. Seam ripped threads were flying everywhere. I think I inserted the zipper on something 3 times. Note to self – don’t make a zip-up hoodie without sorting out the construction method first! On Friday I just gave up and cleaned my house.

Thankfully this week has been so much better. I took a bit of a brain break over the weekend and I’m happy to say that I am back! Today was much better and I was able to have one of the best photo shoots I’ve ever had with my oldest. I’ve yet to look at the photos properly, but it was all smiles and fun. SO Great!

I picked up and did a bit of quilt making again a few weeks ago. These photos have been patiently waiting to be published since then. I’m still working on my hourglass quilt since I received my blogger bundle from current sponsor Fabric Spark, last April. (edit: thought it was out of stock, but there are a couple still available here!) As you likely know by now, I am not a quilter. But I seem to have acquired about 7 fat quarter bundles that I have put together for future quilts, and I’m working my way through them. At this rate I will be done in 2024 or so. And by which time I will have stocked up on at least 35 more bundles. I may have to re-think my strategy!

Once I cut the “required amount” of squares, I was left with more uncut fabric than I was expecting. So, after I square up my blocks and calculate how big they will be once they are sewn together. I plan to decide if I should save the uncut pieces for the back, or if I add to the front. I’m trying to leave one night a week open to work on my quilts, I’d so love to see this finished!

We recently closed the giveaway for the book “Just for You” by Caroline from Sew Can She. This time the random generator chose Lori M. from Ohio as the winner. She will be receiving a copy of the book in the mail soon!

Hope your week has had a great start. Be back soon!

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  1. January 27, 2015

    Your quilt is going to be great because the bundle is a beauty….and I have two in stock (I had shown it as sold out for a couple of months but then found two that I had packed up for a show in a box that never made it out of the car). In case you have some fans for this pretty collection of fabric :-)

    • January 27, 2015

      Oh! Great Daryl. I thought it was out of stock. I’ll edit it and put a link in as well.

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