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Summer Bucket Hats

2014 August 21

I made these hats quite a while ago – in June I think. The thing I really like about sewing (and stashing) is that you can make things whenever you need them. Kind-of like these hats, one of which was made because my youngest forgot her hat at Grandma’s and needed to have one for preschool the next day. The other was made to match the first – of course!

As per the usual, one has a green lining and the other pink… so they could match and still know who’s hat is who’s. I used the ever popular free reversible bucket hat pattern from Oliver and S. This hat is a quick evening or nap-time sew. Especially if you use this method from a little gray so you can avoid hand-stitching the two sides together. I love having small, easy practical projects for when I feel like sewing something useful and uncomplicated.

I used up the last of my Martha Negly Peony fabric for these… really squeezed it out of my leftover pieces. I even had to split up the brims and piece them back together. But I did it, because I proposed two different fabrics but the girls wanted to match. Yes… mommy sometimes makes a bit of fabric magic to keep everyone happy – hooray! The bulk of my Peony fabric went to making an empire waist Scirocco sundress last summer – another one of my most favorite projects. It’s been worn so much it is currently in my mending pile. I should really fix it before summer disappears!

We had fun going to our nearby amazing park and splash pad for this photo shoot. It has a gazebo and garden near it and I was pleased to find that they had pink peonys! Unfortunately we got there at the end of the peony season, but we took this lovely photo of the hats “camouflaged” in the bushes anyhow. I bet you didn’t even know the hats were there – right? (Ha!) My kids kept telling me I was crazy and that they could still see the hats… ah well!

I’m madly sewing Avenger-esque outfits for the girls because I’m a contestant in CraftingCon this month. Everything is due tomorrow to be posted on Monday, so I’ll likely not be back here before then. In the meantime you can see the other Avenger entries on Mae & K, so you know what’s coming!

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  1. August 22, 2014

    Great hats you’ve made! They look cute and adorable on your daughters :) You’ve made great pictures too.

    • September 3, 2014

      Thanks Mirjam. Is it bad that I still giggle over the camouflage one!?

  2. August 25, 2014

    Oh your hats look so much better than mine! I used this pattern last summer and discovered sewing hats is not as easy as I thought!

    • September 3, 2014

      So true Jenya! I messed up a few hats before these for “practice” over the years!

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