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Sewing with my kids

2013 April 11

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My oldest daughter has become more interested in sewing lately, hooray! So the other day we decided to do some sewing. (Yes, the kids were still in their pajamas and fancy dress up skirts!)

I started out with some “awesome” Dora fabric that I accidentally promised myself into buying last Christmas. I was attempting to bribe my kids into being excited to stay in the fabric section. Unfortunately it backfired when they saw the licensed character fabrics. I try to stay away from them, they usually feel a bit tacky – but in this case, a promise is a promise and a 1/2 yard came home with us “to make something” with.

LOVE that she needs a stool to reach the foot pedal!

I think I have finally found a good use for it. The kids can stitch whatever they’d like with it and I won’t feel bad if it gets ruined! Thankfully though the sewing went really well.

I started my oldest out with a square piece of fabric and drew some straight lines on it with a water soluble marker. She practiced stitching down the lines. After that I figured we could fold it in half and make a little pillow for her Teddy. So she got to practice back stitching and pivoting at the corners.

Looking at her while she was sewing on “Mommy’s machine” was amazing! And the look of concentration and pride in the fact that she was doing it all by herself! And she really was, it was fun to see how well she figured it out.

My youngest got involved too, we made a pillow “together”. She sat on my lap and held the back stitching button down when I needed her to. She also got to fill the pillow which was a big hit. My oldest also loved using the spray bottle to make the water soluble pen lines disappear.

I think Teddy is pretty happy with his new pillow too! Apparently the next project in line is a pair of red pants for Teddy – but not just any red pants, they need to have heart knee pads… has she seen this on Made by Rae? or did she come up with it herself?!

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  1. Laura permalink
    April 12, 2013

    This is a great idea! My girls are also interested and makes me so proud!

  2. mom permalink
    April 12, 2013

    Awesome job! So glad she is interested and you are so patient to teach her! Such a good thing to know!

  3. The Husbandly Wolf permalink*
    April 14, 2013

    I helped make those children who made those pillows…so, in a way, I made those pillows! Success!!! I’m a sewing ninja master: It only took me 5.5 years to create a Dora pillow for a teddy bear. Awesome!

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