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Sewing Survey Saturday!

2013 December 14

Alright folks – It’s time for our Sewing Survey Saturday #2! But first…

The results of the first Survey are in and… it’s a tie! Apparently everyone gets most of their fabric from their Local Quilting Shop and Online. Makes sense and I think I was expecting that. I’m on the fence too – though I lean towards the Online option. I just have issues choosing colours, since the photos are not generally true to the actual colour of the fabrics – so matching is tricky. Does anyone have a solution for that? I like to make good friends with my favorite online shops so I can ask them (nicely) to (please, pretty please) tell me if what I’ve chosen matches before I buy it! Another way around that is to only buy fabrics in a certain line – so you know they match. Unfortunately I seem to be wired to make my own matches… so I will continue to love my online store owners – Thank you!

Survey #2! Here’s an easy one for right before the Holidays… Only 11 more sewing days until Christmas! (Survey is open for 1 week – check back for the results.)

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  1. barbe permalink
    December 14, 2013

    .. Another way around that is to only buy fabrics in a certain line –… i will also stick with one manufacturer, free spirit is good for consistent colors within their products, to also go to various sites and the designer sites to see the colors, sometimes with a bit of time and patience you get a good match, but when i by online it is usually in collection unless i’ve seen the prints in person.

    • December 16, 2013

      Thanks for the tip Barbe. Free Spirit has some great fabrics as well – so that’s nice to know. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. December 14, 2013

    Not knowing if the colours are matching is one of the reasons I didn’t buy fabrics online yet. So, I’m curious for the tips you get on this one too… Maybe I start buying fabrics online, then… ;)

    • December 16, 2013

      Oh dear Mirjam – you might not want to get stuck!! :) Barbe just left an interesting comment about how she does it. Maybe it would help you?

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