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Sew Essential! Tips, Tricks and Notions #8: Know What You Need

2013 July 19

One week down, one more week of Sew Essential! posts to go until I get to give away the gorgeous Tula Pink fat quarter bundle! You can enter the giveaway here.

Have you ever gotten to the fabric store and found “the perfect fabric” for something, just to realize you didn’t know how much to buy? I did this so many times – and would then get home and be disappointed that I didn’t have enough for what I wanted to make. Either that or I would buy way to much and end up feeling wasteful – though having more fabric around is not generally a bad thing!

I got these Gwyn Hug Reference cards a few years ago and they have lived in my purse ever since. One side of the card references different types of clothing within a particular category – you can see the different dress options below. The other side of each card references different sizes and the amount of fabric you will likely need to buy for each type of dress. She also includes a handy “add this much” safety margin table – just in case you want to be extra sure you buy enough.

I have the “Women’s Clothes” card set from a few years ago. But I see that now she has Plus Size, Men’s Clothing, Babies and Toddler’s and Children’s Clothing sets. She has also expanded the options by having an e-book version that you can keep on your smart phone. I might have to get some more of these!

Which set of cards do you think you’d find most helpful? 

Sew Essential #9 coming up tomorrow!

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