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Sew Essential! Tips, Tricks and Notions #10: Keep to the Right

2013 July 21

This is an incredibly simple tip today – but one that has made  a huge difference in my sewing. So many times I work with fabrics that are the same on both sides. Sometimes these fabrics have nap, so keeping everything in the right direction and right side up is important. Enter stage right – the jar of safety pins! I put a safety pin at the top of each piece on the “right side” of the fabric. I usually put them on after I have cut out each piece and before I move the paper pattern piece – so as to make sure I have them in the right place. The only trick to this is when you are cutting through two layers of fabric. The “right side” is going to be different on each piece because you have opposite facing pieces once they are cut.

Simple, but worth it! If you want to be incredibly organized you can add a scrap of paper with the piece description and size (if you are making matching outfits). I’ve used this tip lately because I am in the middle of finishing up two more MADE Beach Robes for my daughters to wear when we visit the cottage in a few weeks. Nice thing is, cheap safety pins from the Dollar Store work well for this one because they don’t have to be incredibly strong to stay in one layer of fabric.

See you tomorrow for another Made by Me Monday pattern review and Sew Essential #11.

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  1. July 21, 2013

    I love this tip! Soo useful for me as I’m a beginner sewer and I sure wouldn’t have thought of doing this. Thanks for sharing!!

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