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How to Quilt on an Embroidery Machine

2017 April 11

Turns out there are four ways to quilt something – by hand, on your home machine, with a long arm machine or on your embroidery machine. Guess which one I’m going to talk about today?! (#spoileralert Check the title!)

When I was loaned the Janome Skyline S9 combination sewing and embroidery machine last year, I was excited to see a page in the embroidery designs called “Quilting Designs”. Fast forward to now, and I’ve finally managed to use them!

Here’s a little tutorial so you can do it too!

I’m quilting an Easter throw pillow for this project. You can find the instructions for the traditionally pieced 12″ block here: Spring Bunny quilt block.

This post is sponsored by Janome Canada. The Skyline S9, AcuDesign app and iPad Mini have been loaned to me as part of their Artisan program.

1) Prep your project as you would normally for quilting, with batting and backing. Since the backing won’t show on this throw pillow, I used some inexpensive broadcloth in place of a better quality fabric.

2) Use a removable fabric pen to mark the areas to be quilted. I chose to mark out four equal 6″ squares for my throw pillow.

3) Choose a hoop and a design to embroider. I chose the first design in the Quilting Designs folder – the center reminds me of a kite – perfect for spring! There are 12 quilting designs included with the Skyline S9 machine. You will also need to choose a hoop size that will accommodate your quilting. In my case, the largest RE20a hoop worked well.

4) Set up the machine. You will need to thread the machine, attach Embroidery Foot P and choose a needle. I used a blue tipped Janome needle and regular Gutermann thread in both the needle and bobbin.

5) Size the design. You can do this on the machine, or send it over wi-fi or USB key to the AcuDesign app – available for purchase and downloadable to Apple devices. Use the sizing feature to re-size the file as needed. I wanted the quilting to be square, and just smaller than 6″. When finished, send the file back directly to the embroidery machine.

6) Hoop your project. I found that the thin batting I used fit in the hoop along with the pillow front and backing. Be careful not to overstress the hoop.

7) Position the file. I used the free Acusetter app (downloadable to Apple devices) to position my file. First, receive the file to the Acusetter app. It will lead you to photograph and line up the hoop. Then position, angle and scale your file as needed and send it back to the machine.

8) Place your hoop in the machine and start quilting! (Here’s a fun Instagram video of the machine working.)

9) Repeat the steps to embroider the other areas of your project. I took time to mirror the image for each of the 3 remaining corners of my pillow using the Skyline S9 embroidery editing mode. This way they look like one cohesive quilt design.

Finish your project as desired!

I love this feature on the Skyline S9 machine, it makes quilting very quick and easy. Plus, my pillows look super professional, and it only took about 37 minutes of total embroidery time!

This week, I’ll also be posting a tutorial including how I used the quilt bar and dual feed feet to finish the front and how to turn any 12″ quilt block into a throw pillow. See you again soon!

Let me know what you thought of this tutorial. Was it helpful? How do you usually quilt your projects?

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10 Responses leave one →
  1. Debbie Unelli permalink
    April 12, 2017

    Awesome! I need to win the lottery!

    • April 12, 2017

      Ha! Yes! And I would love to be able to keep this one too ;) It’s such a great machine!

  2. April 12, 2017

    Love it, Sherri……perfect for Easter and so easily achieved with the right tools – not so?!

    • April 12, 2017

      Thanks Liz. Yes! The right tools make everything so much simpler! Love this machine :)

  3. April 17, 2017

    I have done acquitting, embroidery designs and used edge to edge quilting designs and also free motion. I used the edge to edge on two queen size quilts for my grandsons. Edge to edge recommends not to quilt larger than a twin size, so I split the quilts into two parts, quilted and sewed them back together. Took a long time but worth it. One grandson’s quilt used Spiderman material and the edge to edge design was spider webs. The other grandson’s quilt was a baseball theme and the edge to edge design was baseballs and baseball mitts.

    • April 24, 2017

      Wonderful DJ! Good plan with splitting the quilt. Hmm… sounds tricky, but so much simpler! I’m impressed!

  4. ella rademacher permalink
    April 17, 2017

    I have just purchased the jamone12000,it is awesome,i am just getting into applique,i love all the applique stitches on this machine,i love to machine embroider also,i also do quilting,i have so much fabric to work with,let to let you know how well I love this machine,if there was a way I would take her with when I pass on,probaly sew all the angels dresses up there,everyone have a happy day.

    • April 24, 2017

      Haha! Love it! I’m so glad you love your machine. Theya re so fun to play with!

  5. July 17, 2018

    You provide the process on a step by step format. one can learn easily from you post. Thank you for a very helpful post

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