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Quiet Book Sew Along

2014 September 22

So – you thought I’d never get back to the Quiet Book Sew Along? I know, I’m really not being consistent with these posts, I apologize. I seem to have treated it like a lot of other projects I take on – it gets done on time, but generally very close to the deadline! (Taking on too many projects and procrastination much?)

But, have no fear! We have exactly enough weeks left to finish by the end of November, I’m just going to change the format a little.

We’ve gotten through 6 pages (7 tutorials) – halfway there – so we have 6 pages left to make with 2 tutorials on finishing the book. Here’s a list what we have left to finish. Never-mind the names… I’ll come up with something better when I actually post them!

  1. Tie the Shoe
  2. Puzzle Match-Up
  3. Put the Teddy Bear to Bed
  4. Button the Flowers in Place
  5. Fasten the Belt Buckle
  6. Road with Cars
  7. Sew the Pages Together
  8. Sew the Cover & Assemble

The plan is to start next week or the week after with one page/assembly tutorial posted per week until we are done on the last week of November. In early December I am hoping to be able to post a pattern PDF of the entire Quiet Book. The tutorial will still be available, but the PDF will be much easier to follow and will have all pattern pieces and page instructions in one tidy place. Plus, it will look pretty! Bonus!

I hope you’ll forgive my tardiness and come back and sew the last few weeks. I’d love to post some finished projects here in December! Email me and we’ll sort it out.

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  1. Vicky wright permalink
    May 28, 2020

    Is there a pattern available

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