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Made by Me Monday – Yellow Petal Pillow

2012 August 20

This is the beginning of a series I am going to call “Made by Me Monday”.  I enlisted the help of my wonderful husband (who thought up Thread Riding Hood) to find a better option, but we are stumped.

On Mondays (not necessarily every week), I will post something I have made in the past with links to the tutorial I used for it or maybe some quick instructions, or maybe just a lot of photos – depending on the complexity! I thought it might be a fun way to recommend tutorials I have found useful, and to document some of the things I made before I started this blog.

So – here it is, the very first “Made by Me Monday”.

The Yellow Petal Pillow

I used a tutorial found here by Cluck Cluck Sew.  It really is as easy as she says it is to do this. It took me a bit longer than her suggested half an hour – but I am a bit of a perfectionist! Instead of buying felt I made my own felted wool.   It is really easy and super cost effective if you are okay with finding a thrifted 100% wool sweater.  I found the yellow XL 100% Merino Wool sweater for about 6 bucks. Once you have your sweater, throw it through your washer and dryer using the hottest water/heat setting you have on both machines. Cut a small notch in the sweater somewhere and pull on the edge to see if it frays. If it does, send it through again until it stops. Make sure you cut a new notch each time to test, as the first one may permanently fray once it has begun. When it doesn’t fray anymore you are ready to start. Use the sweater as your “felt” and follow the tutorial.

I suppose this could be a double Made by Me Monday, because I used a white sweater to make the pillow behind the yellow one as well. This one is just 2 rectangles cut from the front and back of the sweater with a broadcloth lining and an invisible zipper in the bottom seam.

By the way, please help me out.  If you think of another name for this series, let me know in the comments.  All it needs is to be tied to a day of the week – like “Things I’ve Made Thursday” or “I Sew Saturday” – you get the idea.  (You can also see why I need help with the name!)

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