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Made by Me Monday – Review: ikat bag Mittens Pattern

2013 April 8

One little kitten lost her mittens and she began to cry, 

“Oh Mama dear, I sadly fear, my mittens I have lost”

and Mama said, 

“Don’t worry dear, there’s a great mitten pattern on ikat bag and some fleece that I’ve been trying to use up in the closet downstairs.

I’ll have new ones for you by tomorrow!”

The ikat bag Mittens

So, it is spring here – and has been for a few weeks now. Problem is, the weather is not cooperating! It keeps getting a bit warmer and then cools down again. And we’ve had wind… not a nice calm balmy wind – freezing cold angry wind. This leads me to this post. I found some great thin fall/spring mittens at our local Dollar Store, and I usually stock up with 5 or 6 pairs in the fall, but somehow, by spring they are usually mismatched and lost (maybe even in our house – how irritating!)

I don’t want to have to go back and buy more at this point. So I decided to make some myself. I remember using this pattern by ikat bag before (so I’m not sure why I still continue to buy mittens at the Dollar Store!) I’ve got one pair down and one more to go for my youngest. I might get them done tonight even, if I can clear the too small or “storeable-for-later” clothing out of the middle of our newly made playroom and get the dishes done with time to spare before bedtime! (Who am I kidding, it’s afer 10pm already. And “Yes” the dishes are still not finished!)

Anyhow, the pattern is great. It includes sizes 2, 4 and 6 – and is easily adaptable to other sizes as well. The way LiEr designed the pattern even makes it possible for the mittens to be reversible. I also got to use up some extra fleece from the lining of the “It’s a Hoot” coat I made for my oldest last fall. It’s nice to be able to get some more fabric out of the closet – especially seeing as how I have some more coming (this week I hope?!) for a project I’m super excited about!

The coat and mittens also look cute with the pink “Wrapped in Bows” scarf I made this winter after reading Disney’s tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff. (Which I think I found through Sew Can She – it’s a small world!) It is so much fun when you send your kid off to school in a (mostly) handmade outfit – even down to the coat – it’s very satisfying to say the least! I think tomorrow I will try to get a photograph of her with the whole thing on and put it on twitter.

By the way – if you need some mittens for yourself I have used this tutorial from The Purl Bee to make some from felted wool. They are the warmest, most amazing (and comfortable) mittens in the middle of winter! Because I can’t knit (and because I felted my own sweater to use for the mittens) I was able to use the felted ribbing on the bottom of the sweater to make the cuffs for the mittens instead of having to knit them myself. More on felting your own wool here.

Don’t forget – the Double Decker Fabric giveaway is still on, but this Friday is your last day to sign up! Don’t miss your chance to win 7 gorgeous fat quarters! You can also use the discount code included in the post to buy fabric from Double Decker until Friday. I’ll be posting and emailing the winner on Saturday morning – be sure to watch your email so I can get your address if you win!

Update: My husband just got home and says all of the mittens are in the backyard – ack!

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  1. April 9, 2013

    Sherri! Thank you for the link! Your mittens turned out so lovely and the color! Oh, that blue is gorgeous. And our mittens seem to have legs of their own, too – not only disappearing but often separately. Gah. Children!

  2. Laura permalink
    April 9, 2013

    I so need to make a few pairs of these! And I love that coat! I’m still lightyears from making one myself but I love it!

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