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Made by Me Monday – Heidi&Finn Tennis Skort {review}

2013 June 10

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Near the end of last year I was happy to find out that I had quite a few friends that were sewing on a regular basis, so we started a little Sewing Club (for lack of a better name!) that meets about once a month. We had a meeting a few weeks ago and one of my friends suggested that I try to sign up to test some patterns for Heidi&Finn. I checked them out and they have some really cute kids patterns. The latest is the Tennis Skort (coming soon) and I’m glad I could test this one.

Heidi&Finn – Tennis Skort Pattern

I am super pleased with the results – and so are my kids! Thank goodness I have enough knit left over to make a 5T version for my oldest as well. This pattern goes together quickly, despite my not having a serger (yet?!). The steps are well explained and it has lots of photographs. The style is so versatile – each layer of the skirt can use a different fabric – making it really fun to play around with! I love that it is a skort as well. The shorts underneath are perfect for a trip to the park! I think too many little girls are running around in skirts these days that don’t know how to sit properly in them. At least this way you can let them feel like a princess and still be sure they are modest at the same time. What do you do when your little girls want to wear skirts all the time?

Since I needed to make this in a week I got to buy some fabric (yay!) and headed out to my local Fabricland store. Amazingly, since they don’t usually stock it, they had some Michael Miller knits available! I ended up with this pink/yellow pattern by Patty Young, part of her Heaven and Helsinki line. The fabric is AMAZING to work with. It is a stretch cotton blend jersey knit fabric with a 4-way stretch. The fabric is super-soft too. I was worried that the 4-way stretch would make it harder to sew, but it was no different than the regular medium weight jerseys I’ve worked with before.  The yellow stripe on the top skirt was very thin and needed a bit more care – but I really like the contrast with the pink – so I’m glad I took the extra time to use it. What do you do to help stop the fabric from stretching when sewing knits? I know lots of readers who are scared to sew with knit that could really benefit from your tips and tricks!

We had so much fun on this photo shoot! The weather finally co-operated yesterday, since it has decided to seem more like very-early-spring here instead of almost-summer. Grandma let us borrow her tennis racket and we headed off to a nicely hidden group of courts near our house. Thankfully there were not too many people there! We took over the end court and my youngest asked me “Mommy, how do you use this thing?” as she attempted to use the racket more like a hockey stick – though (thankfully) not hitting the ground with it!

My experience with this pattern was so good I will be back to Heidi&Finn soon to get some more patterns. I’ve got my eye on their Summer Maxi Dress pattern, or maybe the Colorblock dress? I can’t decide… what do you think? Is there another pattern from them that I should try? Maybe I should use some of the fabric I won from Whimsical Fabrics?

Here’s your chance to let your opinion count, Thread Riding Hood Commenter’s cheques are in the mail every third Friday of the month! (Hee, Hee!) Either way, I reply back to EVERYONE (generally through email, but sometimes on the post). We’d all like to hear what YOU have to say!

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  1. Laura permalink
    June 10, 2013

    I love the skort! The fabric is amazing and the colours go so well together! I would say do both the maxi and the colourblock dress; they’re both gorgeous! I’ll be checking out their patterns for sure! And watch out Serena Williams, there’s a new kid in town!!

    • June 10, 2013

      Thanks Laura! I’m glad you like it :) Love the comment on Serena Williams!

  2. June 11, 2013

    Wow, which Fabric land was that?! although, I really should just shop my own stash…
    I usually just make my daughter wear shorts or leggings underneath–fortunately, she thinks that’s normal.

    One thing to try when sewing knits is to pin a piece of tissue paper underneath, it helps feed the fabric through with the feed dogs forcing the fabric to stretch. A lot of people recommend a walking foot too.

    • June 11, 2013

      correction…”without the feed dogs forcing the fabric to stretch.”

    • June 11, 2013

      Hi Lisa! I found out that apparently all Fabricland stores have the same stock, and I did find the Michael Miller at another one when I was out – so you could try the one closest to you if you decide not to use your own stash! Funny about the leggings being normal! :) Love that! Thanks for the tips on the knits, I keep forgetting to try my walking foot, I should really do that again.

  3. June 11, 2013

    Love your version! The yellow really is perfect with the pink! If you have to only choose one, I would choose the coloblock dress to get. I think it’s more versatile for the changing seasons, and I just plain love that pattern!

    • June 11, 2013

      Thanks Karly! I think you are right, that one is my favorite, I love the solids – my one problem is that my daughter likes to twirl, and this one is not twirly enough :) – which makes it a bit more difficult to choose!

  4. Tara permalink
    July 16, 2013

    Love it Sherri! Glad you got to test! I tested the sporty maxi dress and get great comments on it all the time from people because you can,t really find something like it in the stores. Lailey love them too cause they are loose and cool, but the length does make it a tad difficult with our new venture in potty training!

    • July 16, 2013

      I’m glad! Heidi & Finn make great patterns! Argh, I know – potty training seems like it requires a whole different type of wardrobe!

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