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Love-ly Day and Chocolate Fondue!

2013 February 15

 Hope you all had a happy, chocolate filled yesterday! Here’s how our day went down… some hand-sewn gifts, some treats and a LARGE chocolate fondue = some super-hyper happy children. Thankfully we decided to go for a family drive after bathtime – 1/2 hour later we were back with sleeping children – works every time!

Plate walls are good for more than just plates.

Handmade cards are the best. Check out the caricature of me that my husband drew! I love handmade cards from the kids too, these are keepers!

I sewed the kids each a skirt on Wednesday night. Just a simple one – but I’m really happy with them. Especially the pink/gray one. I think the blue one might be a bit TOO puffy (if that is possible!) But my oldest LOVES it, the frillier the better I guess!

I made my husband a pencil holder bookmark to go with his drawing book, and found the ninja pencils at the local bookstore.  They say “Hi-Ya” on the lower portion – really funny – good gift for someone who draws! I am going to post a tutorial for the bookmarks sometime in the near future, they are really handy.

We have a tradition that my husband buys flowers for the girls as well as myself on Valentines day. We are so lucky! The pink mini roses are so pretty!

Of course, not to be left out, we had to try out the bubble cards we gave my oldest daughter’s class ourselves.

This is my favorite vase. I received this blue owl last year on Valentines and mostly it stands empty as decoration. It’s extra nice, though, when we have some flowers to put in it. They match the decor perfectly!

Mmmmm… mashed potatoes anyone? My husband commented that “Most people let their kids eat the beaters when they are baking” not the potato masher! Hey – whatever makes her happy! I have to say, mashed potatoes are a lot healthier than eating the leftover icing! (Don’t worry, it will get sterilized in the dishwasher!)

Mmmm…. the best part! Our fondue pot fits enough for 8, so we had enough chocolate left over to save in the freezer. We’re going to have amazing chocolate sauce on our ice cream sundae’s for a while!

My youngest was having trouble keeping the marshmallows on her fork…. so she took the best way out a 2 and a half year old could come up with!

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