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Last chance to save your feeds….

2013 June 30

So, as you might know – today is the last day of Google Reader. As of tomorrow, it will be no more. A while ago I decided to switch my feeds to Bloglovin’, and I’m really glad I did.

My top ten list about Bloglovin’:

10. Bloglovin’ is an unforgettable name (even if I don’t like it!)

9. Following a new blog is super easy! Search for it and click “Follow!”

8. If you have a blog you can see how many followers you have on Bloglovin’ and thank them for following!

7. They have a clean layout with a large photo and a small excerpt from each unread post. This makes it really easy to see what you have not read about.

6. Within Bloglovin’ there is a “Popular Post” and “Top Blog” feature that makes it fun to find new blogs to follow.

5. You can “like” and “share” your unread posts, and organize blogs within your own folders.

4. When you read a post in Bloglovin’ you read it on the blogger’s actual page – so it lets them collect page views (very important for us!) and lets you see the blog as it was meant to be seen.

3. They send you a super helpful email with a small excerpt and a photo from each new post that has been posted each day.

2. Reading new posts is a breeze – you can click to see “Newer”, “Older” or “Oldest” unread posts using a nifty web browser bar at the top of your web browser.

1. Switching is super easy! Just go to Bloglovin’ and it will import all of your Google Reader feeds – so you don’t lose them!

If that sounds amazing, please click on the button below to follow me on Bloglovin’. I’d love for you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Follow on Bloglovin

Just curious, I am thinking about adding an email subscription or a weekly newsletter option for Thread Riding Hood. Anyone interested?

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