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Have a Sunny Summer! {free teacher appreciation printable}

2015 May 22

Every year my kids are about to finish school and I am rushing around like a crazy person finishing up gifts for the teachers, kindergarten helpers, lunch ladies and bus drivers. Well not this year. This year it will NOT get the better of me because I am finished early – a whole month early! (insert silly ecstatic grin here) And, if your children finish earlier than the end of June, hopefully this post will the benefit you too.

This year everyone is getting a Sunny Glasses Case, and to make it more fun, I made a little printable card in the shape of sunglasses – because they’re just so cute! The Sunny Glasses Case is one of my most popular free tutorials, and it’s also really quick! Once they are cut out you can sew one in about 1/2 an hour. And if you are making 5 (or 9) of them assembly-line style they are even faster. – You’ll have to trust me, the tutorial is deceptively long. You’ll have it sewn before you know it!

The Sunglasses Case tutorial has 5 options – velcro, magnetic snap or button & elastic closure, add a swivel clip or make a car visor version. It works equally well for men and women, especially great for any male teacher gifts you need! Plus they use very little fabric – great for getting rid of your scraps.

The fabric for these cases are all Cotton + Steel prints from Fabric Spark (sponsored). A few of them are sold out,  since I’ve been hoarding them since last year – but don’t be disappointed – check out the rest of their amazing Cotton + Steel stock. And they still have my favorite Black and White Study Hall (pencil print).

I designed the printable in 4 color-ways, because I like choice! And the sunglasses should match your fabric, right?! There are three pre-coloured cards and one you can colour in yourself (or your kids… whatever works!). Print it out, write inside, put it in your Sunny Glasses Case and wrap it up – Done!


CLICK HERE to download the “Have a Sunny Summer Card” FREE Printable!

 Please use my patterns/tutorials for your personal projects, gifts and charitable fundraising events. Please do not sell anything made with this printable. Contact me for more information:


Download the free printable by clicking on the link above. Select whichever colour you’d like by selecting only that page for printing. Set your printer to print on cardstock at 100% actual size (no scaling). The outer rectangle will print out at about 3 3/4″ high.


1) Cut along the solid line, large outer rectangle. 2) Fold the card in half length-wise, crease well. 3) Cut along the dotted lines (while folded) to shape the top of the card. 4) Write inside and you are done!

I am extra excited about some fun things planned for next week. (ahem…*giveaway!*…cough) See you again soon!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for reading! Follow along to get more great tutorials and posts:

Don’t feel like sewing a Sunglasses Case yourself? Check out these Licensed Sunny Glasses Case Sellers.   Are you a seller that would like to buy a Licence to Sew and Sell the Sunny Glasses Case Pattern? If you are interested in selling sunglasses cases made with this pattern you can buy a license here and receive an instant pdf download!

Disclaimer: Fabric Spark provided the fabric I used to make these sunglasses cases for a discount. They are also a sponsor of this blog. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ann ( no e ) permalink
    May 23, 2015

    Hi Sherri,
    Love this gift ;) Such a great tutorial as your diagrams, instructions are so exact and clear. Our grandchildren in St.Louis are out for the summer. They all go to a Christian school that their Mom co-founded. Waterloo kiddos are the same as your girls with another month to go. ) I enjoyed your summer pics from your Quebec trip last year. We are meeting up with St.Louis and family from our hometown of Edmonton in Ottawa in July. Any plans yet?
    Enjoy the weekend, hopefully warmer temps on the way. Take care.

    PS – If we don’t link to a blog or another site, do we have to keep ‘registering’ with each comment? Thanks.

    • May 25, 2015

      That’s great Ann! Sounds like a fun trip in July. My sister lives just outside of Edmonton and I was there for a bit when I was younger as well. Going in summer is a great idea! ;) We are going away next week for a bit of time in Florida.

      So sorry about the registration. I think maybe the Chrome browser allows the registration to “stick”, but generally speaking there isn’t a good way to keep you signed in that I know of. I’ll keep an eye out for it, though.

  2. June 30, 2015

    Thank you very much for this pattern!
    It was perfect for my daughters’ teachers. And I am proud to say that my 10 years old girl made one almost all by herself!

    • June 30, 2015

      Hooray Sylvie, they look beautiful! Your daughter did an amazing job – I hope my kids sew that well one day! Thank you so much for sharing yours.

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