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Fat Quarter Skirt Inspiration!

2017 February 4

This post makes my week. Wednesday’s Fat Quarter Skirt pattern release post has everything you need to know (+ some cute pictures), but today I get to truly share my excitement with you!

Getting pattern tester photos in my email is like Christmas! It’s so fun to see what they have created. It reminds me how great our sewing community is. I am so grateful for all of their hard work, double-checking my measurements and finding new and better ways to do things.

Working together has made this pattern better that I could have alone, 2 whole pages longer, and more beginner friendly. The very hardest part of my job was to go through and pick one or two photos from each of them to share. So, especially to the pattern testers… Thank you for helping to make this release a success! And thank you for all your kind words!

Purchase the Fat Quarter Skirt PDF Pattern – $8.50 CDN

Discount Code:

Enjoy the cuteness!

Sewn by Barbara. (Find her on Instagram)

Love, Love the twirl! The kittens and sea-foam green are perfect together. Plus, I think I need some of her shoes in my size!

 Sewn by Lauren.

Lauren has made 4 skirts already! Including one with a matching bib. It was so hard to pick which ones to show you!

Sewn by Maire.

Mermaids and bright colours, my girls would love this skirt. Also, I’m wishing it was this warm in my part of the world!

Size 2

Sewn by Bev.

Happy Birthday Canada! I’m so glad Bev chose to use this fabric for her skirt. Check out the perfect folding and sewing on the contrast band. Wow!

Sewn by Christina. (Find her at Glengarry Rose Boutique (FB), Instagram)

Tiny skirts on little people! Gah! She’s so cute. Makes me wish my little ones were still little! The little bit of extra width on the smaller sizes makes a nice full twirly skirt.

Sewn by Francesca. (Find her on Instagram.)

The combination of fabrics here looks so Bright and Happy! Great choices Francesca!

Sewn by Mirjam. (Find her on: Dekawear and Facebook)

There’s something about little ones in black and white that is just perfect! I love the upward stripe Mirjam chose to use here. This skirt would go with almost any outfit!

Sewn by Monique.

Monique’s model wasn’t available, but that didn’t stop her – this skirt fits on the life-size doll her daughter’s grandmother gave her. And yes, I am drooling over the amazing machine and sewing box too!

Sewn by Nikki.

I’ve got to get me some of this bird fabric! The contrast band is just perfect with it.

Sewn by Simone.

This little one looks like she’s enjoying her skirt! Seriously – could it get any happier than this?! No questions here!

Size 3

Sewn by Andrea. (Find her on Instagram.)

Is that Tula Pink fabric I spy?! Gorgeous! And I love Andrea’s idea to add a ribbon tag and size marking to the back of the skirt!

Sewn by Jessica.

The Minnie Mouse fabric is fabulous and you can’t go wrong with Swiss Dots! Plus, look at her tiny feet!

Sewn by Julie.

These look like super warm cozy flannel. Great idea Julie! They’re so cute!

Sewn by Liz.

This little super hero is decked out for action! Love that Liz added a row of baby rickrack, it’s so cute!

Sewn by Robin.

This sunny skirt is sure to be loved by its new owner. I hope she likes twirling!

Sewn by Tori. (Find her on: British Farm Wife in Training, Instagram)

Cutest! In her blog post Tori says, “It is also TWIRL-TASTIC!! (Niece S approves!!)” She has written a great review of the pattern, check it out to find out more!

Size 4

Sewn by Alison.

This fabric is great for a little dinosaur-lover! I’m sure they’re going to love it. Thank you Alison!

Sewn by Danielle. (Find her on: Instagram)

Gah! Sloths! This fabric is so fun! And each sister got a skirt, way to go Danielle! In my house new patterns usually “need” to be sewn for both sisters too!

Sewn by Kelly. (Find her at: Kelly Panacci IncInstagram, Kelly Pannaci Inc. (FB))

Kelly sewed this skirt from her latest fabric collection – “Road Trip” for Riley Blake Designs. The vertical strip is so fun! I happen to have gotten some of her fabric to play with too, and I can’t wait! I also made some Cargo Duffles with her “Tree Party” collection.

Sewn by Melody.

I love this puzzle piece fabric, makes me want to see if I can put it together! Either way, these prints are great together. And I love Melody’s careful top-stitching.

Sewn by Pam.

This skirt is the perfect shades of lavender to go with everything. I bet she’s loving it!

Sewn by Susan.

Such a cute outfit, way to go Susan! This little one even got a matching bow to go with her new skirt!

Size 5

Sewn by Aurelie.

The embellishments Aurelie added are so good. Can’t go wrong with pompom trim and pockets! The yellow pops right off the print, it’s perfect!

Sewn by Elena. (Find her on Rascando Horas)

This skirt is perfect with tights for winter. Love the cute dog in the photo too! Elena was one of the first testers to blog about this skirt, she provides summer and winter styling for it + a twirly photo!

Sewn by Laura. (Find her on Instagram)

These bold large scale prints look great here! So summery, and still great with leggings for colder weather.

Sewn by Stacey. (Find her on Instagram)

Love yellow and pink together! And this fabric looks extra comfy with its textured pattern.

Size 6

Sewn by Gillian. (Find her at Tall Tales of the Kantor Family)

This grin. How can you resist?! Her mom said her daughter “… would like to add that, as you mentioned in the pattern, the skirt is definitely great for twirling.” They took advantage of the separate casing and used a fun contrasting fabric there too. *Update: Gillian has blogged about the skirt! Find more about her experience sewing with her daughter.*

Sewn by Jen.

Rainboots, Love it! These fabrics are so cute together. I happen to know this little girl in real life and her mom said she was excited to wear her new skirt the very next day.

Sewn by Starly. (Find her at: Sew Starly, Instagram)

I totally need this girl’s style! Love the boots! The mixy-matchy print-on-print skirt is perfect.

Sewn by Tiffany. (Find her on Instagram)

This little girl is ready for Valentine’s Day with the most adorable cozy outfit. Love the tiny envelopes in the fabric!

Purchase the Fat Quarter Skirt PDF Pattern – $8.50 CDN

Discount Code:

I’m so glad that so many of you love the Fat Quarter Skirt and I’m excited to keep seeing them popping up around the interwebs. I would love to see your photos! Link over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (links below) using the hashtags #fatquarterskirt, #alongforthreadride and/or #threadridinghood. Thank you!

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