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19 Helpful #Sewing #Hashtags You Should Know About

2016 January 19

We’re talking about hashtags today. Either you #loveem, #hateem or wonder #whatisahashtag anyway?!

A hashtag is added to many types of social media platforms as a categorizing tool. It can be written as anything you’d like, so long as it has no spaces and is prefaced with a “#”. When you click on a hashtag, your social platform will show a list of posts categorized with that tag.

I’ve been using them (mostly on Instagram) for inspiration, to find new project ideas, and to see what everyone has been trending toward in sewing-land. It also helps to tag your projects properly so others can find them. (This blog even has a hashtag! Search or tag #alongforthreadride to see Thread Riding Hood specific giveaways, tutorials and projects.)

Comment to tell us about your favorite hashtags, so we can check them out!

#isewThis general hashtag categorizes anything to do with sewing. It’s easy to get lost on this one – so many gorgeous pictures and great inspiration of all kinds.

#quilt, #patchwork, #patchworkquilt: Again, a general tag. And again, gorgeous work. This hashtag includes fully finished quilts, WIP’s (Work In Progress) and quilt blocks.

#quiltblock: These are so much fun to look through – piecing, paper piecing, english paper piecing! It’s not hard to find a new project to work on after searching this one.

#sewingforkids, #sewingforchildren#sewingforbaby, #sewingforgirls, #sewingforboys: These are self explanatory I think! Use this hashtag to find children’s clothing inspiration, tutorials and free patterns.

#sewingformen: Many sewing-related hashtags refer only to women’s patterns, this is great inspiration for men’s projects all in one place.

#thegreatfabricdestash, #fabricdestash, #thegreatcanadianfabricdestash: Watch out, this hashtag is truly dangerous. Anyone selling their fabric stash uses this tag, and you can buy it from them! Check back often to make sure your favorites don’t disappear. You can often find OOP (Out of Print) fabrics here.

#sewingpattern, #sewingtutorial, #freesewingpattern: Lots of great information here. Find patterns for almost anything, and information from others who have sewn them.

Last but not least – check any indie sewing patterns you have for their own specific hashtag. If the pattern maker has chosen a tag, it’s written somewhere in the pattern instructions, usually at the very beginning or end. This is an amazing resource, and allows you to see different fabric placement choices and get tips about the pattern itself from people who have made the pattern or are currently sewing it.

Hope you have fun searching, and be sure to leave yourself lots of time to check these out – they’re addictive!

Please note: These hashtag photos are live, directly connected to the hashtags they are related to in real time. I am not responsible for the content shown in any of these photos. Please click each photo to find information about the authors.

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  1. January 20, 2016

    Hashtags for individual patterns and my favorite!!! I never attempt a new project without first poring over countless photos of finished projects. They’re such a useful resource!

  2. January 22, 2016

    I love ‘em! They’re so fun to explore and a great way to connect with likeminded people on IG. I usually add the fabric line I’m using, and love to show when I get #happymail!

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